Your free trial will start as soon as you download the Jupiter App and log in. There is no credit card required to give us a try. You will be asked to input some basic business details to get started.

1. Set Your Availability

For clients to be able to book, you need to let Jupiter know when you want to work. Jupiter will only show time slots during your working hours and it will also work around existing events in your synced Google Calendar.

This is an example of us setting our Friday schedule to 10AM - 5PM every week. Repeat this process for every day of the week.

Set your unique or regular working hours the way you like. To read more about the settings and blocking time off, please refer to the article: Set your availability so clients know when you can be booked

2. Add Your Service List

To add services, click on Services tab and then the plus symbol. If you need to edit your services, any price or tax changes will affect only new bookings. Past bookings and incomplete appointments will still use the last price and tax settings.

This is an example of a volume lash fill service with applicable taxes and deposit added. It is set available to be booked by current clients.

If you charge taxes, select the applicable tax rate for your service by checking off the box. This is managed under your Account Settings. Please refer to the article: Add in your service list and set up your taxes

3. Create Your Forms

Use the forms feature to send out intake forms, messages, or aftercare instructions. To start, go to the Forms tab. If you have existing forms, you can request our team to import them within 1-2 business days by clicking on IMPORT.

To create a form, click on the plus symbol to open up the form editor. Start by typing in the title of your form and adding your input fields. You can also create documents without input fields, such as after-care instructions. Remember to click SAVE once you're done.

To learn more about input fields and send timings, please refer to the article: Create the forms you wish to send

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