Tap on Clients to access your client list. To create a client profile, you can click on the plus symbol and start filling out your client's information. A client profile can be created with their first and last name along with either an email or phone number. If your bookings are open to new clients, we will create a file for them upon booking.

When creating a file on your client's behalf, they will need to confirm their email. Jupiter will send a verification email to your client to ensure it is correct. This allows clients to manage their appointments in the future.

If you have an existing client list, you can request for our team to import it within 1-2 business days. The request can be made by clicking on IMPORT.

Image gallery

Each client gets their own image gallery to store photos and keep track of progress, which can then be used to create marketing photos for Instagram.

Open up your client's file and click on the image icon to start adding photos. You can either take a photo with your camera or upload it from your phone gallery. Once the photo has been uploaded, you can click on each one to add notes.

You can select a profile picture for your client by opening up an image and checking off the star icon.

To delete or save a photo from the client's file, tap and hold on one of the images and select the appropriate icon in the upper-right.

Appointment history

Jupiter will keep track of all upcoming and past appointment history. There are options to checkout, reschedule, or cancel existing appointments.

Appointments can be created in your calendar view or within the client's file. If you want to create an appointment within the client's file, go to the APPOINTMENTS tab and click on the plus symbol. Jupiter will send your clients a confirmation email with the details and relevant forms.


Forms are sent automatically for you. Go to the FORMS tab of your client's file to see a list of all the forms that have been sent to them. You can click on each form to view and make any adjustments. The form history can be viewed by clicking on the three circles and selecting Form history. To send a copy of the form to your client, you can select Send Copy.

To attach a new form to the client, you can click on the plus symbol and select the form. If you want to send the form, open it up and click on the three circles. Select Send copy and it will be sent to your client.

Deleting a client file

To delete a client file, you can click on EDIT and then DELETE FILE. Removing the client file is a permanent change. It will delete all of the information and cancel their current appointments.

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