To add services, click on Services in your main menu and then ADD. If you need to edit your services, any price or tax changes will affect only new bookings. Past bookings and incomplete appointments will still use the last price and tax settings.

To reorder your service menu, simply hold down on the service and drag.

This is an example of a volume lash fill service with applicable taxes and deposit added. It is set available to be booked by current clients.

Service details

Type in the details of your service, including the name, duration, price, and an optional description. If this is a service add-on, you can check off "Add-on". If the service can vary in price based on the amount of work required per client, you can check off "Starting at" to show a plus sign next to the price on your website.


Ask for a deposit from your clients at the time of booking to secure their appointment. This helps to reduce no-shows and last-minute cancellations. You can state a dollar amount, such as $50, or a percentage amount, such as 20%.


If you offer several different services, you can group them into categories to make it easier for clients while booking. Type in the name of your service category, then click on the small plus symbol to create it. Click save once you’re done. To add other services to the category, open each one, and check off your category of choice.

Tax rates

If you charge taxes, select the applicable tax rate for your service. This is managed under your Account Settings.

Client availability

Decide if you want the service available to all clients, current clients only, or new clients only. For example, you can set lash fills to be made available only for clients you have seen before or you can set consultations to be booked by new clients only.


Select the location where your service will be offered. This can be at a client's specified location, your studio, or both. If the service is available for mobile, clients will have an option to type in their address at the time of booking.

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