Tap on the Forms tab to start creating your forms. If you have existing forms, you can request our team to import them within 1-2 business days by clicking on IMPORT.

To create a form, click on the plus symbol to open up the form editor. Start by typing in the title of your form and adding your input fields. You can also create documents without input fields, such as after-care instructions and promotional messages. Remember to click SAVE once you're done.

Input Fields

  • Title: This allows you to create headers to separate your content.
  • Paragraph: Add text before or between your questions.
  • Bulleted list items: Great for listing pre- and post-care instructions and tips.
  • Customer field: Create questions for clients to answer in the customer field. This option allows clients to further explain in detail.
  • Checkboxes: Create questions with multiple possible answers. This is a great option for listing referral sources or medical history on intake forms. It allows clients to select multiple answers at once.
  • Options: Ask clients to select between two or more options. This is a great option for yes or no questions.
  • Address label: Ask clients to put in an address.
  • Signature field: For clients, parents, or the service provider to sign off on the form.
  • Date label: Give an option to specify any dates in your form.

To delete an input field, clear any text and hit backspace on the label. To move input fields around, tap on the input field, and six little circles will appear on the left. Hold down on the circles and drag the input field to your desired location.

Once you’re ready to start sending your form, go back to your Forms page. You will see your form under DRAFTS.

If you're ready to starting automating your forms, continue to this article about automations.

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