Jupiter is a software platform for service-based businesses focusing on beauty and personal care professionals. It's a simple way to start running a more efficient business.

We believe small businesses are the back-bone of the communities they are a part of. These small businesses currently use many tools to operate making running a business a very high-pressure process and inaccessible to lower-income communities.

Our mission is to help this group of entrepreneurs by making affordable software so they can focus on their customers and their relationships.

We promise to deliver the following to all our customers:

  • Efficient software: You definitely have a busy life and we love to sweat the small stuff. We're here to give you the software so you can focus on building relationships with your customers instead of having your head buried in paperwork or trying to find that thing you put somewhere.
  • Top-tier customer service: You spend all day doing customer service... and so do we! We'll do our absolute best to ensure your day is running smoothly too. Feel free to talk to us at anytime and let us know how to make your experience better.
  • Non-evil service: Jupiter is a paid service so we can make decisions that make sense for everyone. We will never sell your data or your customer's data and we will never make business decisions which will hurt you in the long-term.

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