There are two ways to reschedule or cancel an upcoming appointment:

  1. Tap the APPOINTMENTS tab in their client file, select the appointment, and click EDIT or DELETE.
  2. Select the appointment from your calendar view and click on EDIT or DELETE

You can make the changes in the new window and your client will receive a confirmation email and SMS of any changes.

Clients managing their appointments

Clients can reschedule or cancel their appointment as long as it agrees with your booking terms. They can go to their confirmation email and click on "Manage my reservations" or log in through your booking website.

Jupiter will send you an app notification of any appointment changes and email for cancellations.

Deposit on cancellation

You can set what happens to the deposit upon cancellation. Select if you want the deposit to be non-refundable, save as credit for future appointments, or refund your client if over minimum notice. Your booking policy in your emails will reflect this. This can be done in your scheduling control settings.

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