Client notes can be added during or after an appointment directly in the client file, in the image gallery, or with internal forms.

Client File

For important notes about your clients, you can add it directly to the client file.


  1. Open up their file and scroll down to the Activity section
  2. Click on "Add new note" and start typing your note
  3. You will also have the option to add or take a photo, which will automatically upload to the client's image gallery with the written note

Notes and images are private and not visible to your clients.

Image Gallery

Your client's image gallery is great for before and after photos, lash mapping, or any visual references.


  1. Open up your client's file and click on the image icon to start adding photos
  2. You can either take a photo with your camera or upload it from your phone gallery
  3. Once the photo has been uploaded, you can click on each one to add notes

To delete or save a photo from the client's file, simply hold down on the photo and select the option.

Internal Forms

If you often take specific notes which are repeated for every client, we recommend creating internal forms. They can be attached to a client's file by going to the FORMS tab, clicking on the plus symbol, and selecting your internal form. Your forms can be viewed, edited, or saved at any time.

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