You can set forms to be shown during the online booking process before an appointment is confirmed. This is great for intake forms, pre-care instructions, and showing clients your policies.

To start, please refer to the article: Creating forms


  1. Once you’re ready to start sending your form, go back to your Forms page
  2. You will see your form under DRAFTS
  3. Swipe left on your form and click on the settings icon
  4. Check off "Ready to send"
  5. Relevancy of your forms–Let us know if the form is related to all services or a specific one
  6. Under when to send, check off "Display while booking"
  7. Choose to have your form show every time a client books or only the first time

Please note this option will not send the form to their email or SMS–you will have to also select "after booking" to do so.

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