You can create internal forms for consultation and service notes. This is great for keeping track of client details, lash mapping, and professional recommendations made during the consultation.

If you have existing forms, you can request for our team to import them within one business day. The request can be made by going to the Forms > IMPORT.

You can create your own form with the form editor tool. To start, please refer to the article: Creating forms


  1. Once you're happy with your internal form, go back to the Forms page and swipe left on the form
  2. Click on the settings icon
  3. Check off "Ready to send" when you're ready to publish your form
  4. Under "Used for", check off "Internal use"

Attaching the form to a client's file


  1. Open up your client's file, go to the FORMS tab
  2. Click on the plus symbol and select the internal form

Now you can open up the form, make edits, and save the form. Jupiter will keep track of the edit history for you. To view the edit history, click on the three circles and "Form history".

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