There are three ways to check out your clients. You can either:

  1. Click on CHECKOUT under the appointment on your home screen.
  2. Open your calendar view and click on the appointment, then the credit card icon.
  3. Go to your client's file, open up the appointment, and click on the credit card icon. Clients can be checked out anytime through their client file and as many times as you need.

Any of these options will take you to the checkout screen. You will have a chance to review the invoice before processing the payment. The deposit is applied to the total amount, along with any applicable taxes.

  • Adding another charge: Click on "ADD CHARGE" to add another service or charge. It will allow you to search for an existing service or to create a custom service charge. When adding a custom charge, you can select the applicable tax rate.
  • Deleting a service charge: Swipe left on the service and click on the minus icon.

Click on the arrow to be taken to the Pay bill page. Clients will have a choice to add a tip. Jupiter will show the tip suggestions based on your settings.

The payment can be processed with a card on file, another card, or other forms of payment, such as email money transfer, cash, or terminal. Complete the payment by clicking on the confirmation button. You will see the confirmation and a receipt will be sent to your client by email.

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