Jupiter was designed so booking on your client's mobile phone is easy and lightning fast. You can also help make the experience better for your clients by optimizing your forms so they are easier to read and faster to fill in.

Here are some tips we have found really helps with improving the number of forms filled out by your clients:

  • Remove blanks in the middle of sentences. Jupiter doesn't support having inputs in the middle of sentences and it's also really hard to read. Try to rephrase the sentence so it's easier to fill out.
  • Separate 'technician only' areas into another form for internal use. This prevents your clients from accidentally filling out things they don't need to fill out.
  • Avoid huge blocks of text. It is really difficult to read a large wall of text on your phone. We recommend breaking your paragraph every 3-4 sentences so they're easier to parse.
  • Avoid repeating yourself. Legalese can be redundant sometimes. If you have the help of a lawyer, work with them to create a succinct contract. If you notice a clause or paragraph is redundant, consider removing it.
  • Avoid requesting client information already collected by Jupiter. When your client is booking, Jupiter already collects their name, phone number, email, service name, service pricing, and even the date they signed your form. If you remove these fields in your forms, it'll feel faster for your clients.
  • Avoid asking them to initial every clause. On their phones, this process is really cumbersome. We suggest replacing initial fields by using a checkbox list.

We suggest booking a test appointment so you can experience what your clients would see before you start sending out your forms.

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