There are two ways to create a break in the day if you need to take a few hours off.

Method 1: Adjusting Jupiter's calendar

The first way is to edit your current availability and break it up into two parts. Let's say you'd like to eat lunch from 12PM-1PM, here's how you would do this:

  1. Create one block avoiding the lunch hour. In this example, it is from 9AM-12PM. If you are editing an existing availability, you can make it a one-time occurrence or apply to all future events for that day of the week.
  2. Create another block avoiding the lunch hour after it. In this example, it is from 1PM-6PM.

Method 2: Adjusting Google Calendar

Jupiter automatically works around any events booked in your Google Calendar. To achieve a block from 12PM-1PM, you can create a repeating daily event for lunch 12PM-1PM and it will no longer show up in your available timeslots.

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