Use forms beyond waivers and client intake to improve your service. You can use the form feature to create documents to send after an appointment to further improve the client experience.

Post-Care Instructions

Send a copy of your post-care instructions after the appointment so clients can get the most out of their treatment. When they know exactly what to expect and how to maintain their results, they will be more satisfied and willing to continue coming back. Happy clients are more likely to recommend your services to their friends and family.

Post-care instructions will also help to reduce dissatisfaction and any time spent following up with each client after the service. You will experience fewer complaints and negative reviews because clients will know how to care for their newly microbladed eyebrows or fresh set of lash extensions.

For example, some clients may feel overwhelmed during the healing process after having their eyebrows microbladed if it's their first time getting permanent makeup. The healing process usually takes two weeks and requires a touch-up appointment before the final look. Clients that aren't aware of the stages of healing may pick at the scabs, which may affect the outcome.

For lash extensions, it's important to let clients know how to care for their lashes to reduce fall out. Sending post-care instructions can reduce the number of clients coming back to get their lashes redone.


You can send feedback surveys after the appointment to ensure your service gets better every time they come. Creating a quick survey for clients to fill out will allow you to learn more about the client experience and find areas of improvement.

Example of questions you can ask your clients include:

  • How satisfied were you with the service?
  • Did you feel comfortable during the duration of the service?
  • How easy did you find the client intake process?
  • How would you rate the customer service?
  • How would you rate the quality of eyelash application?

Creating your forms to send after an appointment

Forms are sent to your clients by email and SMS after an appointment has been completed.

To start, please refer to the article: Creating forms


  1. Go to your Forms page and you will see it under DRAFTS
  2. Swipe left on your form
  3. Click on the settings icon
  4. Check off "Ready to send" when you're ready to publish and automate your form
  5. Relevancy of your forms–Let us know if the form is related to all services or a specific one
  6. Under when to send, check off "Send after appointment"

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